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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does Context Maps cost?

Context Maps can be purchased via subscription charged on a monthly basis, found on our Subscription Products Page.
Context Maps can also be ordered on a project by project basis at a premium price found on our Pay Per Site page . Please note, our pricing can be subject to change depending on site location and the type of Context Map requested.

How many context maps can be requested during a single subscription period?

There are no limits on how many Context Maps you or your company can request. Each subscription product awards you with a default set of credits to be used each month. If additional credits are required, they can be purchased by getting in touch with our team via e-mail,or by calling us at 1300 429 205. More information regarding the costs of our subscriptions and associated credits can be found on our Subscription Products Page.

 What are the payment methods available?

Payment can easily be processed via Paypal, American Express, Visa or Master Card. E-mail request for payment via B-PAY will also be accepted. Invoices will be automatically sent to you via e-mail.

How are the orders shipped?

Your order is provided to you to download via dropbox. A folder is shared to you via email, and with the link you will have access to all your Context Maps.


How would I use and apply your product in my workflow?

Our Product is not there to replace a site survey. It is there to give you a contextual understanding of the area of your site in the early stages of feasibility and conceptual design.

What CAD programs are Context Maps compatible with?

Context Maps is compatible with Archicad, Revit and AutoCAD. Below is a Layer Compatibility table with each CAD software.

This is a Compatibility Matrix to show the individual files provided by the company and their compatibility with specific Cad and modelling software.

What sort of coverage does Context Map have? Are regional sites possible? Does layer availability become limited in more regional areas?

We can provide a Context Map for any site within Australia, thus Regional locations such as quarries can be provided if requested. However, layers do become limited at such locations. At the current release of Context Map, 5m Lidar data for Terrain is restricted to high population density locations within NSW.

What is the dimensional accuracy of the terrain mapping and the building structure sizes?

The feature data is obtained from satellite imagery that is resampled to a 50 cm resolution. Position accuracy for the imagery used to extract features has a range from +/-0.5 meters to +/-2.5 meters. The trees dataset has horizontal positional accuracy of the 2 meters. It should be noted that Building Obscuration, Tree Coverage and off nadir angle of source imagery can affect the feature elevation.
The source terrain datasets have been captured to standards that are generally consistent with the Australian ICSM LiDAR Acquisition Specifications with require a fundamental vertical accuracy of at least 0.30m (95% confidence) and horizontal accuracy of at least 0.80m.
Source elevation data used for the derivation of building height attributes is a 0.5m resolution DSM derived from high resolution satellite imagery. Absolute spatial accuracy of the DSM is +/-2m with relative accuracies of +/-1m.